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Features to Look for in a Sandal

by Jack Moe

Sandals are one of the oldest types of shoes around. They can be tracedall the way back in time when both kings and peasants wore them. Today, the sandal is still a popular choice in the footwear industry, but alot of people do not have the knowledge needed to choose sandals that fit properly. It is easy to tell if regular shoes fit because they are enclosed and you can feel how far you toe is from the end of the shoe. The proper fit of a pair of sandals can be a little harder to determine. Hopefully, this rticle will enlighten you.

Sandals styles come a great variety, just like other types of footwear. Some sandals are made for the beach and some may even be made specifically for a certain sport such as hiking or beach volleyball. It is essential that you take the time to make sure that the sandals you choose fit well so that you will be comfortable and not harm your feet.

As with other footwear you should first look for support in sandals. The arch of your foot is very important and needs to be supported when wearing sandals, just as when you are wearing regular closed shoes.

With sandals, the sole should be a little larger than the actual size of your foot so that your toes or heel do not hang over the sides. Many sandals will have a form fitting sole and in order for this to occur you will want to be sure that there is enough room. You should also choose a thick sole for a pair sandals since that is the only thing that is coming between you and the ground.

If you follow all the advice mentioned, you'll walk away much happier with a pair of sandals you'll never want to let go of.